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Hi friends, welcome to this blog. Before commenting on anything let me first give you a brief introduction about this blog and its motive.

"YOUNG INDIA'S VOICE",let me explain the significance of this title. the adjective YOUNG, how relevant is this? In the coming august India will be celebrating its 62nd birthday in the form of Independence day. For a human being 62 yrs comes under the senior citizen category but for a country it is just the beginning. India is still young in every field let it be its GDP, or infrastructure or literacy rate, employment index, socio n civic laws in every field there is still a long path to go. And to make it reach there as early as possible, its none other than our responsibility, we, the citizens of India.

As a mother to our motherland we have to nurture it so that it will bring us great colours in future. Untill now we have known our country from others voice let it be that of politicians, criticizers, technocrats, bureaucrats etc. But our voice, the common man's voice is always unheard. Actually there is no platform from where the common man can convey his message. But now its high time to be silent because if today we wont shout our voices will be suppressed forever. Let us make the platform by our self. Let we begin with this small blog and let us shout so loud that the whole country have to hear what the common people of this young India wants to convey.

With this motive in consideration, I have started this blog. This blog will contain all the events going around India, the technological advances so that we can walk with the same level as that of our developed countries,the social issues, the political issues, the critics, n many more things related to the development of our country and its people. To make the whole country hear our voices we have to shout loud and unitedly because single handedly this great achievement cant be obtained. I request you all to post your comments to every post and give your views so that your inner common man's voice can be heard.

Thanking you

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Hii srid, nice work f luk 4 ur blog...hoping for very good posts in future

hey nice work man...trying to do a nice job...continue I wl b a regular reader

nice title
and a very good intro also

nc wrk bro
best wishes with u
hope to see a good blog

gr88 job
and hands off 2 u for takin tys endeavour
all d best
get goin

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About this blog

This blog contains all the events going around India, the social problems,political problems, the critics, n many more things related to the development of our country and its people. For the motive read the introduction part.....njoy

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