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The youths have a great impact on their country. For a developing country like India they are considered as the lifeline. The present state of the youths decides the future of the country. With a fresh and enthusiastic mind, this hale and hearty stream of India have a great interest in learning and have immense power inside them which when explodes,leads to great glories in every field. Indian youths have shown their positive colors in every sphere let it be in sports, education, entrepreneurship etc. But one field which seems devoid of young stream besides its extreme need for them. Thats politics. What is happening to these folks when it comes to politics???

Before the 21st century, the youths were kind of lost. Besides the likes of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, the Indian politics has seldom seen any successful young leaders. Even the people with political backgrounds were hesitant to join politics during their young age and those who did failed to acquience the people with their views. The main reason may be their atrabilious nature towards politics or relying on a more copacetic career than politics. Thousand thanks to God that the present scenario is not the same as of before with the names like Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Milind Deora, etc coming into picture. This is quite encouraging for the youths. The recent selection of Agatha sangma,just 28 years old, as a minister has made it clear that both the people and the political parties are changing their views towards the youths. But this is not enough since the number is still low(there are more than 540 million youths in India) and all of these ministers have a political background supporting them. What this country's need today is more successful young leaders with common background. Today every youth dreams to get a white collar job but nobody is aiming to be a good politician. As it is said "Jaisa raja waisa praja". So to have a India which can cope up with the fast developed countries it needs a fast and enthusiastic leader which a young leader can fulfill properly.

Anyhow this rise in number is a very good sign for the developing India. Its really a big thing over which the present young generation should ponder upon. Only being professional in the white collar business is not sufficient for India. It too needs great young leaders like Obama who can strengthen our beloved ex-president Dr A.P.J Abdul kallam's mission of making India a developed country by 2020. Long live India and Long live its citizens.


Your call to young people to come forward and be heard is very appropriate.

wonderful article....and a vry nyc blog.... :)


aau sabu haalchaal......???

sabu bhala achi.....

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