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Its said that "time never remains the same". Well after so many years I got to know what the politicians really need to fear about(other than elections). Its the "J" word. The J for Jaswant's farce had shown how dangerous the J for Jinnah word can be for a politician. Like the Advani did it 5 yrs before, Jaswant singh favouring the founder of Pakistan gave him a nasty blow by his party and the complete society to all the respect he has earned in his 3 decades. From now onwards beware politicians(especially BJP's) before usin the "J" word because you do live in an independent country but the RTI acts are not for you. I mean to say who the hell are you express your thoughts. You dont have any right to do so even if you are right. And if you do so, you will face the same consequence as faced by our ex- defence, finance and external affairs minister Mr Jaswant Singh.

You might be wondering what I really want to say. The scenario of Jaswant singh supporting Jinnah as a more secular person may seem as an insult to the citizens of our country and its independent "first" ministers, but for me the insult is made by the society to the person who kept his views thinking that he is living in a self dependent country. I dont understand what the political books say but I am a juvenile guy and think with this juvenile brain only.All people said a lot to him, he was thrown out from his party, numerous strikes were held, all these thing really hurts a lot rather than Jaswant backing Jinnah. I may be speaking something jabberwocky here but I think I am right may be not fully but upto some extent.

Lets get ourselves into the history otself. Nobody knows who was responsible for the partition which lead to the massive holocaust but completely blaming one person doesnt seem good. If a deep study is done then the english wanted to have the partition to get home something good from their last days. Our own ministers in one way or the other supported the partion. The proposal of Gandhiji to let Jinnah make his own cabinet was not at all given a thought because it would have been a loss to other leaders. Our first prime minister had ignited and was supporting the partition in the punjab region much before these things came into screens. So collectively it was a complete political nuinsance that led to the partition. Hence excoriating Jaswant singh because he felt Jinnah to be right is hardly right. N the person doing these must better get himself into the pages of history and come out with reasons for him to be right.

May be I am wrong but I feel looking everything in a political view is in no way correct. In one hand we want to improve our relationship with Pakistan but on the other hand are impuging on their politicians. Untill now I had thought that I am in an independent country and I can express myself freely but very hard to know that I am wrong.... Feeling sorry for Jaswant singh

Long live India and its citizens.

The recent frisking row by an american airlines on our beloved ex-president Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam where he was made to remove his shoes and hand over his belongings for scrutiny, has raised a lot of questions over the dignity of so called VVIPs in India. Repotedly the government has filed a FIR against 4 employees of the airlines. The most probable consequence for these 4 guys can be suspension from their job and may be some jail terms. What a reward it can be for doing the job with loyalty.

What the hell wrong is in frisking Dr kalam. By saying this in no way I want to insult Dr kalam. I am a great admirer and a big fan of him. He is a role model for me. But lets keep the emotions out of this discussion. Dr kalam was a passenger of that airlines and it was the duty of that airlines to frisk each and every passenger. Though in India 18 VVIPs are exempted from security checks and frisking. Still then I dont find anything wrong in frisking these VVIPs. Today we can see how insecure our lives are. Frequent bomb blasts and terrorist attacks are claiming a huge number of lives. And in these condition how can one talk about the dignity when the life of thousands are in stake. We all are aware with the power of these terrorists. They have a wide network with their spies reaching every corner of the world. In this condition, no one is safe, not even the so called VVIPs besides their 24 hr high security. Its not impossible for the terrorists to kidnap someone very near to these VVIPs making them their way to success. The december 13 attack on the Indian parliament can be considered as a consequence of security lapse where the terrorist took the advantage of a car with home ministry and parliament label to enter the parliament premises. No security personal dared to stop and check who is there inside. But what can they do also. If they start checking the ministers, then they will simply be awarded with a suspension letter. I remember a case in orissa where a policeman was suspended for not allowing a MLA to enter the parliament because he was not having the entry papers. The policeman was just concerned of performing his duty. But what he got at last. Isnt it a slap to the human ethics???

Whats more important in this frisking row is that we hear no protest or complain from the sufferer himself.Dr kalam considers himself more as a common man besides being ex-president. Its all those, who want a cheap publicity, shout against the frisk. In order to have a 100% safety, we have to allow these things to happen let it be Dr kalam, Dr Manmohan singh or whomsoever. Frisking is not a big deal when thousands of lives are concerned. Its time not to shout against the frisk but to learn that its a necessary thing. Then only we can say India as "safe india".

(What do you think, dignity is more important or safety??? 18 VVIPs should really be exempted from frisking and security checks??? Do comment)




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